Why Business Class Global

    You Get More Than A Great Business Class Ticket

    When you book your Business Class flight with Business Class Global, you get so much more than a great price on your airfare. This is why business class travelers have choosen to make Business Class Global their travel partner of choice. Here’s why:

    Fare, Fee, and Restriction Transparency

    When you shop some discount websites and dealers, you may find what looks like a rock-bottom price. You call, and then get a hit with a bunch of unexpected fees or restrictions that make your traveling experience feel like you’re a felon on the run.

    When you book with Business Class Global, you’ll not only get the best prices available, GUARANTEED, you’ll also receive full transparency around fees and restrictions.

    A Full-Trip Travel Partner

    One challenge of many discount Business Class providers is they get you a ticket, but leave you out to dry if you need to make a change. At Business Class Global, our Travel Insiders are here for you from the time you first call until the time you return home. If you need to make a change while you’re traveling, just call one of our Insiders, and we’ll process the changes for you.

    Call us now at 800-016-936 / 866-206-8557 to book your flight, or do a quick search with the form on the right to see just how much you can save.