Travel to Brazil

    Book your flights to Brazil with Business Class Global and get ready for a holiday sure to be filled with sun, sea, and adventure. Brazil is a magnificent country renowned for its natural wonders, beautiful people, delectable cuisine and unmatched love of music. Your family will be enchanted by a land of wonder and excitement that has something to offer to any traveller.

    Top 5 Things To Do in Brazil

    • Board a cable car and ascend 390 feet up Sugarloaf Mountain and be dazzled by the spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro
    • Enjoy a Brazilian experience of world class live music at Sala São Paulo
    • Join the world’s most famous fiesta in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
    • Explore the history of the former colonial capital, Salvador de Bahia, a city of remarkable baroque architecture dating back to the 17th century
    • Have your breath taken away by the stunning views at Chapada Imperial natural reserve

    Plan Your Brazil Holiday

    If you’re seeking warm, balmy weather or the excitement of Rio’s vibrant night life it is best to travel from December to March. The months between May and October are an ideal time to explore the Amazon, the largest rain forest in the world, or visit the northern side of Brazil where beach lovers will find clean sand and warm water at some of the world’s highest ranked beaches like Porto de Galinhas or Porto da Barra.

    Finding flight deals to Brazil is simple with Business Class Global’s fantastic deals. If you want to travel between December and March or participate in the unforgettable Carnival festival in Rio, we recommend that you book your hotel and your tickets to Brazil several months in advance. If you are seeking cheap hotels in Brazil, travel during the off-peak season (from May to October).