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Helping Travelers Like You, Save on Business Class Tickets for Over 10 Years

Sit back and relax while we do the hard word. Our specialists will search for the cheapest price, on a business class ticket for your next flight.

You will be amazed that they can book the same ticket at 10% – 35% cheaper than the big name travel aggregators.

Get access to exclusive specials that airlines only offer to their most valued partners.

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Dedicated Travel Coordinator

Access to exclusive specials that airlines only offer to their most valued clients. Proprietary knowledge of the airline booking system to find the cheapest flights.

We can assign your company a dedicated travel coordinator to handle all your staffs flight bookings.

Business Class Travel

First Class Travel

Premium Economy Class Travel

Business Class Benefits

Flying economy class in the post Covid-19 era is not something anyone should have to do. Enjoy the benfits of Business Class travel.

Fully Flat Seats for a Good Rest

Delicious Meals with Plenty of Drinks.

VIP Lounge at the Airport

Recent Tickets Booked

Chicago – Dubai

$2480 RoundTrip

With Connecting Flight

Comfortable Fully Flat Seat

Access to VIP Lounge

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Dallas – Dubai


Onboard Wifi

Business Class Service

à la Carte Menu

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Abu DHabi – Miami


Business Class Service

Short Connection

Extra Space and Privacy

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