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    Cheap First Class & Business Class Air

    Why travel in cramped quarters next to the screaming kid when you can travel in the more spacious and luxurious Business Class or First Class cabin, and do so without breaking the bank? At Business Class Global, we are experts in leveraging the secrets that only the most savvy travelers know to get you cheap Business Class and First Class tickets anywhere in the world.

    Get Business Class Tickets At The Pace of Business

    One of the challenges many business travelers face is the need for a last minute flight, and with that often comes a higher fare, especially for the Business Class or First Class seats. Unfortunately, business doesn’t always allow for more advanced planning. When your clients need you, you need a flight. At Business Class Global, our Travel Insiders understand how business actually works, and know exactly how to find the flight you need, and at incredible discounts.

    The Travel Insiders at  Business Class Global know every airline, every route, and every seat for international flights. Whether you’re flying from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Sydney to London, or any other combination, we can help ensure your every need is met and you don’t have to waste hours hunting around to find a fare that is both affordable and comfortable.

    Don’t Leave Luxury, Get Cheap First Class Tickets Too

    If you’re accustomed to flying first class, then you’re accustomed to a life of focus and luxury. Unfortunately, when it comes to air travel, this often comes with a hefty price tag equal to purchasing a luxury car. Would you be up for a promotion if you could save 30% off your average flight, and still have the environment which helps maintain your success?

    Whether you’re flying domestically, or want a step-up for your international flight, Business Class Global is your trusted partner to find affordable First Class air fare.

    We Know The Secrets To Get You Cheap Business Class Tickets

    At Business Class Global we have more than 30 years of experience helping travelers find the best first class and business class tickets. We specialize in finding last-minute flights that often rival the price of travelers who have the luxury of more advanced planning. Now you can get the flight you need without the headache of hunting down a ticket that’ll work within your budget and still be able to fly in comfort.

    Now you can leverage all the secrets we’ve learned, and take advantage of the deep connections we have in the airlines. Between combining your points and miles with unpublished fares, one-of-a-kind promotions, free upgrades and special promotions, you can get prices no one else knows how to get. Beyond that, you’ll work with knowledgeable agents who have your comfort and schedule in mind.

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